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CoSign Digital Signature Solution

Advanced electronic Signature (AeS) Solution

The most widely used digital signature solution in the world

Millions of signers at security-minded businesses, governments and cloud services around the world are already using the proven CoSign digital signature solution to automate their signature-dependent processes and are gaining numerous benefits that other digital and electronic signature providers simply cannot match:

CoSign offers complete freedom of choice

  • Works with the content authoring applications and file types that you are already using, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, PDF/A, InfoPath, TIFF, AutoCAD and many more.
  • Integrates digital signatures into the document/content management or workflow automation system of your choice, including SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle, Alfresco, Nintex, K2 and many more.
  • Allows your users to sign wherever and whenever they need to, whether at the office on their PC, at home on their tablet, or in the field using a mobile device.

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CoSign ensures your control and security

  • Keeps your signed documents within your enterprise domain, never saving them on any third-party servers.
  • Adapts to your existing processes, governance policies and SOPs, instead of forcing you to adopt rigid workflows.
  • Integrates with the user directories and  enrollment methods that meet your management and authentication requirements.

CoSign enables legal compliance

  • Complies with strict  industry and governmental regulations including ESIGN, UETA, EU directives and VAT law, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, USDA, SOX, and many more.
  • Supplies long-term proof of signer identity, signer intent and document integrity for deniability and cyber-security purposes.
  • Offers signatures that  can be easily validated by anyone, anywhere and at any time without the need for proprietary software.

CoSign delivers a low TCO and a quick ROI

  • Puts you on the path to significantly reduced paper-related costs with a rapid ROI and a low TCO.
  • Installs quickly with minimal operational impact, requiring less than 10 hours of IT work per year.
  • Offers flexible payment schedules based on your user capacity/signature requirement needs.

The next step - eSign Workflow

SignFlow Digital Signature Workflow System

SignFlow™ is a digital signature workflow manager that enhances and fully digitises any process that requires a document to be signed or approved. From the most basic requirements like employees having to sign leave applications and their managers approving or rejecting it, to ultra-complex processes which requires both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive and legal documents, SignFlow has the answer.

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Pitney Bowes South Africa, a leading provider of customer communication solutions, in partnership with ARX Cosign, the market leader in digital signature technology, has launched a powerful, integrated solution which streamlines and digitises document signing processes. This new, ground-breaking technology – called 'CoSign Click' – is set to revolutionise how companies 'on-board' new customers. This is achieved through the elimination of the cumbersome and time-consuming manual process of printing out forms, signing in pen, scanning and uploading or emailing the document.

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A ground breaking digital signature technology that enables your customers to sign electronically.

A digital signature solution that enables your customers to sign your online documents and forms electronically without them already having a digital signature or any hardware signing device..

What's all the excitement about?

Up until now, signing electronically with a digital signature was predominantly only available to licensed subscribers of digital signature applications and not to external customers whom are required to sign digital forms and documents, once-off. This is largely due to the cost associated with digital signatures and "on the fly" digital signatures not being available to a person that is not identified and linked to an established digital signature account.

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Pitney Bowes recently partnered with digital signature leader, ARX, in order to offer a powerful, integrated solution to assist South African organisations in improving efficiencies, lowering their operational risk and become POPI (Protection Of Personal Information Act) compliant.

The new partnership now gives SA companies the ability to modernise most of their legal signing processes.

Cumbersome, legal signing processes that are time consuming and face many geographical challenges are now as easy as 1-2-3. Legal signing processes like client on-boarding processes, minutes of board meetings, electronic contracting and many more can now be done with a legally accredited, high assurance Advanced Electronic Signature.

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According to a recent statement by South African Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj regarding POPI: "The act will give effect to the right to privacy, by introducing measures to ensure that the personal information of an individual is safeguarded when it is processed by responsible parties."

Since POPI was signed into law in 2013, Pitney Bowes SA has been working closely with their customers and industry specialists to develop compliancy solutions for various vertical industries.

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