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REFCheck Advanced - Pre-employment screening and Criminal check

REFCheck™ Advanced

Pre-employment screening and Criminal check solution

RefCheck Advanced is a leading pre-employment and background screening solution, and is arguably one of the most essential tools in human resource management and staff recruitment today.

RefCheck Advanced enables recruitment agencies and employers to verify the personal details of a potential employee or candidate prior to offering employment. By improving transparency and disclosure, informed decisions can be made regarding one of the most important assets of an organization, its employees.

pbVerify partnered with RefCheck™ Advanced, a registered trademark with CIPC, to bring you a comprehensive suite of products for pre-employment-, background- and criminal record -screening through an online consent driven system.

REFCheck Advanced requires additional registration and account vetting on the REFCheck Advanced system, it does not form part of the pbVerify web service and has a seperate Registration and Login

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