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Consumer Marital Status Report

Consumer Marital Status Report

The Consumer Marital Status Report is the latest addition to pbVerify’s suite of vetting and credit risk management products, and allows pbVerify users to quickly and accurately verify the names and identity number of any consumer’s spouse.

This product came in response to the need for institutions to authenticate the marital status of an applicant requesting a financial service, such as credit or an account. The Consumer Marital Status Report is also a very useful tool for tracing agents, who need to access spousal details of clients in default.

All the user needs to access the marital details of the applicant in question, is their 13-digit South African identity number, or surname and date of birth. These details are then checked against Home Affairs data, after which the system returns the marital details, including the applicant’s spouse’s (if any) first name, surname and identity number.

Part of pbVerify’s comprehensive Business to Consumer (B2C) credit check suite, the Consumer Marital Status Report costs just R7.50 – or 75 pbVerify credits, (offline)– and is available after registration to any business that grants credit to other businesses or consumers.


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pbVerify's Consumer Marital Status Report offers two options: pbVerify Offline, and pbVerify Realtime.

To learn more about what each of these methods entails, take a look at the PROS and CONS for each one, below:

pbVerify Offline

  • Cheaper: An offline search will cost you R7.50, compared to R8.50 for an online search.
  • Faster: An offline search is faster, as it does not involve connecting to the DHA database.
  • Reliability: An offline search can be conducted even in the event of DHA being offline.
  • Spousal data: An offline search returns spousal identity information.
  • Recentness: Name and deceased data is not as up to date as live (Realtime) search data (4 to 6 weeks delay).

pbVerify Realtime

  • Live data: All data is live and up to date.
  • Name info: Name data is 100% accurate.
  • Reliability: A Realtime search cannot be conducted if DHA is offline.
  • No Spousal Data: A Realtime search does not return spousal data.

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