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TransUnion Quick Vet 4 Business Report

TransUnion Quick Vet 4 Business Report

TransUnion Quick Vet 4 Business

A relatively new product, TransUnion's Quick Vet 4 Business - or QV4B - gives you as a business the ability to make fast, consistent and uniform commercial credit decisions.

QV4B is an online commercial credit vetting solution that automates manual credit-granting processes and amplifies onboarding speed and efficiency - all to the end of delivering an enhanced customer experience.

The QV4B business score gives you an accurate summary, in one quick view, on what the status of a potential business or customer is, without you having to go through the lengthy process of investigation and manual vetting. Via just one automated online process, you can now identify who the profitable and low-risk customers are, and move swiftly forward.

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