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TransUnion ITC Default Listing

TransUnion ITC Default Listing

TransUnion ITC Default Listing Function

The TransUnion ITC Default listing function in pbVerify allows a credit granting business client to list a business or individual who has defaulted on payment in accordance with the NCA (National Credit Act) regulations of 2005, directly onto the TransUnion Credit Bureau Default Listing database.

This listing will immediately appear on the person's TransUnion ITC Consumer Credit Report as adverse information under Default listings. In the case of a business, the Default listing will immediately appear on the business's TransUnion Business Credit Report under Default listings.

Default listings negatively influence the person or business's credit rating and reflects on their credit report for a minimum of two years.

The Transunion ITC Default Listing function forms part of the standard pbVerify product suite and is available after registration to any business that grants credit to other businesses, or consumers


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