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Bulk (Batch) Consumer Trace

Batch Consumer Trace

It has become an integral part of any business to have access to an online system that provides the latest contact information on consumers. The standard Credit Bureaux suite of pbVerify trace tools provide this, but what about those large databases of consumers that need to be traced quickly, accurately and efficiently?

Our batch trace tool uses straightforward Excel or CSV files and can efficiently process batches between 1000 and 20,000 for the latest contact information on any South African with an active credit profile. Our trace information database is regularly updated from the latest information obtained from CPA members, the retail industry and other data providers that share contact information of consumers. Our results have very high first time strike rates and our pricing is very competitive, based on volume.

The pbVerify batch tracing service is used by many businesses, Tracing agents and Debt collectors who need high volume tracing services. Turnaround times are usually within 2 business days. Not only can we trace from multiple input selections, but our output capabilities can include additional information from CIPC, SARS and multiple credit bureaux.

Contact us to today to discuss you bulk needs and get the latest price list based on your volumes.

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