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pbVerify Consumer Trace

pbVerify Consumer Trace + Debt Review

pbVerify Consumer Trace with Debt Review data

The pbVerify Advanced Consumer Trace is ideal for tracing agents, debt collectors and debt councillors that need to obtain the latest contact information of a consumer whilst simultaneously determining whether the consumer is under debt review. The report aggregates the latest public trace, contactibility and debt review data into one convenient trace report.

The pbVerify Advanced Consumer Trace tool is used by many businesses, tracing agents, debt collectors and debt councillors to find people and update contact databases, or have the need to trace and find consumers and debtors who have defaulted whilst determining their debt review status. The data is regularly updated via retailers, CPA members and micro-lenders, credit bureaus and debt review companies.

The Advanced Consumer Trace search forms part of the standard pbVerify product suite and is available after registration to any business


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