pbVerify ecosystem moves to Microsoft Azure

pbVerify moves to Azure smsm

The world’s biggest cloud security platform now hosts all pbVerify’s services, a move that offers absolute peace of mind.

In a move that brings total assurance when it comes to security and seamless failover for API customers, pbVerify has moved its entire ecosystem to the world’s biggest cloud security platform, Microsoft Azure.

Tried, tested and trusted by high-level organisations across the world, Azure is scalable and resourceful, offering security from the ground up.

The platform, which is backed by a team of experts, epitomises proactive compliance and is thus trusted by enterprises, start-ups and even governments.

Industry leader

pbVerify customers can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that Azure is ISO compliant with all relevant standards when it comes to hosting services. In fact, Azure is the industry leader when it comes to ISO Certifications.

In January this year, Azure became the first cloud provider in the US to receive the ISO/IEC 27701 Privacy Information Management System data processing certification.

Apart from the fact that the Azure cloud merits utmost trust, it offers many unique and business-centred benefits, including among others:

  1. Apps management: IaaS enables organisations to build, deploy, and manage apps in a quick and easy way.
  2. Flexibility: Azure delivers a considerable level of flexibility, allowing a range of functionality, according to specific requirements.
  3. Agility: Azure is fast in terms of deployment, operation and scalability, giving companies that adopt Azure significant competitive advantages.
  4. Compliance: Azure is fully compliant, storing all data in line with regulations – an aspect that is an absolute must for the legal and financial sectors in particular.
  5. Storage: Azure is renowned for its many data centres and delivery points. This means faster content delivery and optimal user experience.
  6. Security: All data stored via Azure is protected by the spy-movie environment. Azure data centres have two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, hand geometry biometric readers and are backed by a global incident response team. This greatly reduces the risk of hacking.
  7. Analytics support: Azure features built in support, which analyses data and derives insights – assisting in managed SQL services, Machine Learning, Stream and Cortana Analytics.
  8. Unified delivery plan: Azure provides a true end-to-end solution. All the tools for source control, unit testing, delivery, go live tools, and integration testing are available under one umbrella – so integration and continuity issues are not a concern.
  9. Disaster recovery: Staying online continuously ensures customers’/users’ trust. Azure’s disaster recovery capabilities, such as regional/global failover, rolling reboots and hot/cold standby modes create a stronghold against disasters.
  10. Universal deployment: Accepting the clients’ hybrid model approach, Microsoft’s Azure stack offering enables businesses to select their data storage, as well as any related transition, easily.
  11. Updates: In Azure, software updates are automated in real-time, meaning the infrastructure and applications are fully up to date. The spinoff of this, is that businesses are able to grow faster, with less of a carbon footprint.


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