Can you spoof our facial recognition tech? $100k says you can’t


World renowned 3D liveness and facial recognition company FaceTec is so confident in its software, that it offers a $100 000 reward for any successful spoof of its biometric authentication solution.

When it comes to preventing fraud, only the best technology with the tightest security and highest levels of accuracy is good enough.

That is why, as a service that facilitates fraud prevention for credit providers that require strict risk management protocols, pbVerify uses FaceTec, the global standard for liveness and 3D face matching.

FaceTec’s 3D Liveness Detection technology is so watertight, and the company is so confident in its anti-fraud aptitude, that it offers a $100 000 Spoof Bounty Program that challenges hackers to find a spoof that fools its system.

And, since its introduction in 2019 to date, not a single attempt at fooling FaceTec’s software has succeeded – despite countless digital and physical spoof artifacts (including hi-res photos and videos, life-like masks, and mannequin heads) being used to try do so. 

Why a spoof bounty program?

The essence of FaceTec’s spoof bounty program is about much more than just a monetary reward. Its goal is primarily to uncover potentially unknown vulnerabilities in the Liveness AI and security layers, so that any issues can be patched and the anti-spoofing capabilities and overall platform security elevated even further.

Cyber-attack resource website CAPEC defines identity spoofing as “The action of assuming (i.e., taking on) the identity of some other entity (human or non-human) and then using that identity to accomplish a goal.”

Ill-intentioned tech-savvy individuals could, for instance, craft messages that purport to come from a different source, or they may use stolen authentication credentials to get away with very serious and harmful crimes against citizens and companies.

Since being founded in 2013, FaceTec has dug more deeply into anti-spoofing than anyone else. The company has performed tens-of-millions of spoof attempts, with every conceivable type of media, and learned how to stop them. 

Learn more about FaceTec’s obsession with anti-spoofing here:

UPDATE: FaceTec v9.3 Hot on the heels of a recent upgrade (v9.2.0) to FaceTec’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, FaceTec has released v9.3.0, which includes significant OCR accuracy improvements and compatibility fixes. Watch this video to learn more about FaceTec’s new and improved OCR features: Photo ID OCR by FaceTec


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