Digital Customer On-Boarding

Our pbVerify digital On-boarding systems inject true intelligence into your web-based application forms. Change your paper-based credit applications into efficient online web-based forms that, in real time verify the identity of the applicant while automatically drawing consumer and commercial credit reports in your back-office system.

Eradicate fraudulent applications and approve quality applications in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Get all the information you need to vet a new customer automatically while they are busy applying. No paper, no print and no manual credit bureau, ITC or CIPC checks necessary, everything is automated according to your procedures.

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Custom-Built Onboarding Systems:

pbVerify provides real-time quality data via API (Application Programming Interface) on South African citizens, consumers and registered businesses, which can seamlessly plug into any web-enabled application.

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Custom-Built Onboarding Systems:

  • Unique contracts

    Let pbDigital develop your unique onboarding application or contracts-based online forms to integrate with your existing website or online portal

  • Customer specification

    The online, customer-facing forms are built 100% to customer specification in Microsoft .Net or PHP

  • Applicants identity

    Real-time validation of the applicant’s identity

  • Applicants digital identity

    Real-time validation of the applicants mobile number and email

  • Applicant's business

    Real-time validation of the applicant’s business

  • Applicant's directors

    Real-time validation of the applicant’s directors

  • Credit check

    Real-time commercial credit check with fraud indicators and comprehensive adverse data

  • Credit bureau data reports

    Real-time distribution of credit bureau data reports to admin back office, vetting personnel and/or compliance officers

  • Reporting and management systems

    Back office dash-board, reporting and management systems

  • API

    API Manager

API Application Integration:

  • Intergration

    The pbVerify SOAP or RESTful XML APIs seamlessly integrate with any web-enabled application

  • Your web-forms

    Inject real-time intelligence into your web-forms

  • Verify identities

    Verify identities against Home Affairs data in real-time

  • Verify personal status

    Verify alive or deceased status against Home Affairs data

  • Business registration

    Verify Business registration data against CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission) data

  • Customers verified data

    Have your customers submit only their Identity – and Business registration – number and automatically populate their latest, verified data into your form

  • Credit Bureau reports

    Automatically workflow personal and/or commercial Credit Bureau reports to back-office personnel for instant vetting

  • Customers credit health data

    Set logic that will instantly disqualify or approve potential customers based on their credit health data

  • Online signatures

    With pbDigital’s CoSign Application integration or via the SignFlow document workflow system, your customers can now digitally and legally sign any electronic application form or contractual business agreement online, thus totally eliminating the need to print, sign, scan or email a document, ever again.

  • API

    API Manager