Intelligent Digital Onboarding

World-class digital Onboarding that is verified and free of errors.

We do not only digitise your onboarding process, we inject absolute intelligence into the process. Agreements and applications for credit often require vast amounts of information to be captured, which takes time, effort and is often sensitive to errors. pbVerify Intelli-forms eradicate errors and increase process efficiencies by automatically populating forms from limited information entered.

Let's for instance say that you are on-boarding a new client and require that client to enter all his/her personal and business information. With pbVerify Intelli-forms, the customer will only enter their ID number and business registration number and our form will do the rest.

The person's identity information will be verified against Home affairs and the form will be automatically populated. The business registration number will be verified against CIPC and all company, Directors and auditors information will be automatically populated - in real-time, verified and free of errors.

Digital onboarding with Intelli-forms:

  • Fully customisable to your requirements.
  • Database entries determine form types.
  • Specific Terms and Conditions will load according to form options.

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