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About pbVerify

Our brand "pb" projects our vision that incorporates people and business. Our people are focussed on delivering only the highest quality business solutions, empowering business with solutions built to enrich the lives of people. pbVerify is the data division of the pbsa group, South Africa.

pbsa operates in highly regulated and complex enterprise environments. Our operations are audited and internationally certified by TUV Rheinland Germany. pbsa is a registered Credit Bureau in terms of section 43 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (South Africa) and our key IT and compliance personnel are certified ISO27001 IT Security Management practitioners.

pbsa's head office and software innovation centre is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa with operations, and a distribution network, that extends into North - and South - America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the United Kingdom.

ID Verification

pbVerify’s ID Verification tool is used by corporations to authenticate the identity information of South African citizens, as well as to determine whether or not they are credit active. The validation of identity data is a course of action taken by many organisations as part of their basic credit risk management processes and policies, to the end of promoting good corporate governance.

ID Verification


The intuitive ZoOm interface makes Certified Liveness Detection and 3D Face Matching fast, easy, and incredibly secure
for everyone, regardless of their device. During onboarding, FaceTec’s two-second video-selfie verifies Liveness, matches
the user’s 3D FaceMap to their Photo ID, and sets up their new account. Every time they return, FaceTec’s ongoing
authentication again proves Liveness and compares their new 3D FaceMap to the one enrolled. If they match they get
instant access, no password required!


Document Authentication

In this day and age, document fraud poses a serious threat to organisations across the globe. Bitventure’s Document Verification provides an advanced method to authenticate South African and foreign documents including IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and work permits. Our intelligent document recognition software solution supports over 3500 different types of official documents, in multiple languages, from various countries. The sophisticated OCR technology extracts detailed customer attributes and verifies them against international security standards.

Document Authentication

Bank Account Verification

The Real-Time – Account (Holder) Verification Service (AVS-R) is a function catering for the verification of the match of the identification number and bank account number of an individual or a business with the account details stored within the bank’s database. Currently, the central South African Banks provide this service, in one form or another, to their respective clients. pbVerify provides a platform which allows for the verification of accounts across all participating banks, in a uniform process.

Bank Account Verification

Digital Signatures

pbVerify is fully integrated with SigniFlow's™ world-class digital signature workflow systems to fully digitise on-boarding processes by providing compliant, legal digital signatures through state-of-the-art front-end systems built to enhance user experience.

From the most basic requirements like getting employees to sign leave applications and their managers to approve it, to ultra-complex, integrated systems that enables end-to-end, fully digitised contracts -and document -delivery processes.

SigniFlow Website

Digital On-Boarding

World-class electronic customer on-boarding with verified data that is error-free and compliant. We do not only digitise your on-boarding process, we inject true data-intelligence into the process. Application processes often require vasts amounts of information to be manually verified and captured, which takes time, effort and are often prone to errors.

pbVerify on-boarding systems automates KYC and credit applications, eradicates errors and fraud by instantly verifying and processing input data of persons and businesses.


Commercial Credit Risk

By registering your business on pbVerify, you are instantly connected to all the major Credit Bureaus in South Africa. Credit vetting & tracing coupled with meeting KYC/FICA regulations, has never been easier.

Free registration, no monthly subscriptions, you only pay per transaction. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit Card, EFT or open an obligation-free 30-day account. 

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100% free registration

Personal Credit Report

MYpbVerify gives any South African consumer instant access to their personal credit information.

Your credit information is gathered by credit bureaus on a regular basis from various sources that have extended you credit. Retailers, banks, lenders, employers, landlords, and other credit providers have access to and share this credit data to assist them with credit risk management in deciding whether to grant you further credit, a loan, a credit card, new employment, housing, a cellular contract or to offer you new products and services.

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SigniFlow 3D Facial Technology

KYC Factory

pbVerify offers a range of authentication-based web-services designed to integrate with electronic KYC (Know Your Customer) on-boarding systems to automate AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and Risk Management & Compliance Programmes (RMCP).

KYCFactory is enterprise-grade software developed by SigniFlow, using pbVerify web-services to bring you the most powerful, customisable and compliant e-KYC system on the market. 

pbVerify's KYC services authenticates the identity and residency of juristic entities (companies, trusts, etc) and natural persons. It detects and reports on individuals, organisations and vessels linked to more than 50 risk categories; including: Sanctions, Foreign Officials, and State Owned Enterprises across the globe.

KYC Factory

New & Cutting Edge

FaceTec Age Check bolsters verification

Years of investigation into anti-spoofing agents, such as age estimation, has resulted in watertight facial recognition software.

Years of delving into one of the fastest-growing ID authentication biometric technologies since fingerprint scanning – facial recognition technology – has resulted in a liveness detection service with so many facets, that it is now spoof-resistant.

FaceTec 3D Liveness software enables frictionless, secure transacting

Meet the face authentication market leader that provides more security, portability, and convenience than any other biometric.

Given the sudden explosion in online activity, spurred by a global pandemic that caught the business world off-guard and forced in-person transactions to go fully online almost overnight, corporates and their customers could be sitting ducks for cyber criminals. That is, without the right kind of software “brick wall” to block them.

pbVerify bolsters product stack with PhoneID & Score

Our new mobile phone-based API allows businesses to effectively evaluate their fraud risks and enhance the user experience.

pbVerify has added to its risk management suite of API products, giving businesses even more shield against fraud, and the reputational and revenue blow it causes – this time via mobile phone identification and score.

Our Valued Clients

Unrivaled Aggregation of quality data through Strategic Partnerships

Regulated, Certified and Audited.

pbVerify is a registered Credit Bureau in terms of section 43 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. Its data-systems, data-security and data-processing protocols are audited annually in accordance with the NCA. pbVerify follows strict ISO9001:2015 quality management processes that are audited and internationally certified by TUV Rheinland Germany. pbVerify engineers are certified in ISO27001 IT Security Management.