Recognize a true identity and fight fraud in real time.


TrueID integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, with additional built-in verification and authentication options that can be selectively “turned on” based on the risk of a transaction to give you maximum flexibility in your identity management processes.

And with our optional fingerprint biometric solution, you can perform authenticated enrollment and connect the ID to a user’s fingerprint for easy, secure repeat access. Store captured identity data and link to other user data to track transactional behavior throughout the customer lifecycle.

LexisNexis® TrueID® delivers:


Face to face ID document authentication takes just seconds, enabling agents to quickly process users and managers to focus their time on suspicious documents.


Form fill capability improves speed, accuracy and data quality, and streamlines workflow.

Ease of use

TrueID’s intuitive and customizable interface requires minimal training and is easy to use. Web-based reporting tools enable instant access for fraud research.


TrueID can be used as a single or multi-factor authentication solution in any transaction requiring identity verification.


Deploy as a standalone application or customize to fit specific needs across the lifecycle. TrueID easily integrates within an existing workflow and connects directly to other LexisNexis solutions.


LexisNexis® TrueID® allows instant authentication of identity documents by:

  • ID checking

    Performing up to 50 different text- and image-based tests and checking IDs against a database of nearly 4,100 ID types from nearly 200 countries.

  • Documentation

    Enrolling document into a hosted contributory database

  • Proof of identity

    Extracting identity data for form pre-population or additional identity proofing

  • Payment checking

    Linking IDs to payment cards, checks, loyalty cards and other customer data

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