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Recognise a true identity and fight fraud in real time.

Verify official documents in real-time with digital document verification services.

In this day and age, document fraud poses a serious threat to organisations across the globe. Bitventure’s Document Verification provides an advanced method to authenticate South African and foreign documents including IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and work permits.

Our intelligent document recognition software solution supports over 3500 different types of official documents, in multiple languages, from various countries. The sophisticated OCR technology extracts detailed customer attributes and verifies them against international security standards.

A digital solution produces optimal results. This real-time digital service allows for authentication and verification in under 60 seconds, accelerating the customer onboarding process.

And with our optional fingerprint biometric solution, you can perform authenticated enrollment and connect the ID to a user’s fingerprint for easy, secure repeat access. Store captured identity data and link to other user data to track transactional behavior throughout the customer lifecycle.

Allow users to capture and authenticate their identity documents with their mobile device.

LexisNexis® TrueID® helps increase the effectiveness of your mobile authentication and security, while improving the customer experience. Get results you can trust in a fraction of the time.


Performs up to 50 different text- and image-based tests.

Checks against a database of nearly 4,000 ID types from approximately 200 countries.

Reads any bar code, MRZ (machine readable zone) and non-encoded ID.

Works with iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Features an SDK to enable seamless integration into your existing app


Extract new patient enrollment data directly from ID documents for improved data quality.

Defend against fraud, compliance and safety risks.

Integrate with identity verification products to address the most common identity risks.

Ensure better access, faster transactions and a more frictionless patient experience, no matter the channel.

Ease of Use

TrueID’s intuitive and customizable interface requires minimal training and is easy to use. Web-based reporting tools enable instant access for fraud research.


TrueID can be used as a single or multi-factor authentication solution in any transaction requiring identity verification.


Deploy as a standalone application or customize to fit specific needs across the lifecycle. TrueID easily integrates within an existing workflow and connects directly to other LexisNexis solutions.

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