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Digital Signatures

SigniFlow™ is a digital signature workflow engine that enhances and fully digitises any process that requires an electronic document to be legally signed. From the most basic requirements like getting employees to sign leave applications and their managers to approve it, to ultra-complex processes which requires both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive or legal documents, SigniFlow has the answer.

Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures in unison play a vital role in the level of security associated with electronic communication and confidential information exchanged electronically on a daily basis

Digital Signatures minimizes the risk of fraud, electronic forgeries and message repudiation. Provide reliable authentication of documents and a high degree of information security.

Of all the enterprise business operations that occur every day, signature requests seem so ordinary we rarely give them a second thought. Yet it’s precisely because they are common – a regular part of most enterprise activities and processes – that they impose so many costs, obstructions and delays.

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Adobe® Acrobat AATL Digital Signature Validation

A digital signature, also known as an advanced, standard or secure electronic signature, is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology using accredited personal X.509 digital certificates to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance. Digital signatures are created using a cryptographic operation that creates a hash-code unique to both the signer and the content, so that it cannot be copied, forged or tampered with.

This process provides strong proof of the signer’s identity, protects the data integrity of the document and provides non-repudiation of signed documents.

Digital signatures can be verified without the need for any special proprietary software. Depending on the format of your document, the latest versions of free Adobe Reader application can verify the signature. Simply click directly on the digital signature to view the properties, signer’s identity, time and reason for signing – all of which are embedded in the document.

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