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Liveness Checks & Face Matches are now fast, easy, and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device. During onboarding, a quick video-selfie verifies 3D Liveness, compares the user’s face to their Photo ID, OCRs the ID text, and searches previously enrolled FaceMaps for duplicates. When the user returns, ongoing face authentication again proves 3D Liveness and compares the new 3D FaceMap to the one from onboarding. If they match, access is granted; no password required.


Use your 3D face to unlock anything from a car door to a bank account. Real users get easy access, but bad actors and bots are rebuffed by Anti-spoofing AI Certified by a NIST/NVLAP lab and relentlessly tested by a $100,000 Spoof Bounty. FaceTec is the market leader that invented the 3D FaceMap, the biometric modality that provides more security, flexibility, and convenience than any other.


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Can a Simple Selfie Really Provide Security?

Typically they can’t because 2D photos of most people are already all over the Internet. But FaceTec isn’t just a “selfie”; it’s a 3D FaceScan that enables a strong Liveness Check and contains a 3D FaceMap, which IS NOT publicly available online. FaceTec ensures the user is physically present and isn’t fooled by photos, masks, or deepfakes.

FaceTec’s Liveness Detection AI must observe so many concurrent human traits that spoof artifacts are unable to recreate them all at once. FaceTec’s 3D Face Matching then compares to the user’s previously-stored 3D FaceMap, and if the two 3D FaceMaps highly match (1/12.8M+ FAR), the verified user is granted access.

Skeptical?  Good, you should be!  Try our $100,000 Spoof Bounty Program for yourself.

No Real-Time Liveness Data = No Honeypot Risk

Two types of data are required for every face authentication: 3D Face Data for matching, and real-time 3D Liveness Data to prove the Face Data was collected from a live, present person. 3D Liveness Data must be timestamped, is valid only for a few minutes, and then can be deleted.  New 3D Liveness Data must be collected for every subsequent FaceTec login.

Storing 3D FaceMaps doesn’t create honeypot risk because they are “Face Data” without any Liveness Data, so they cannot be used to spoof FaceTec’s 3D Liveness AI. Think of the stored 3D FaceMap as the Lock, the user’s newly collected 3D FaceMap as a One-Time-Use Key, and the new 3D Liveness Data as proof that the Key has never been used in the lock before.

FaceTec's Encrypted 3D FaceScans & FaceMaps:

  • Can’t Be Phished From Users
  • Aren’t a Biometric Honeypot
  • Stop Credential Sharing
  • Stop Botnet Attacks
  • 1:1 Match at 1/12.8M FAR
  • 1:N De-duplicate up to 1/128M FAR
  • Match 2D Photos up to 1/950,000 FAR
  • Provide Anonymous Age Checks

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During the user session, the camera’s view of the 3D face changes, observing perspective distortion and proving it is 3D. In under two seconds, FaceTec’s Device SDK processes 100+ video frames and reverse engineers a 3D FaceMap from the standard 2D camera.

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FaceTec Anchors Digital Identity

Certified Liveness For KYC Onboarding + 3D Face Matching for Ongoing Authentication
Verifies Liveness
Verifies 3D
Verifies Identity


Over the last five years, we dove more deeply into anti-spoofing than anyone else – ever.  We have performed tens-of-millions of spoof attempts with every conceivable type of media and learned how to stop them.  Learn more: www.Liveness.com

Verifies Liveness
Verifies 3D
Verifies Identity


Over the last five years, we dove more deeply into anti-spoofing than anyone else – ever.  We have performed tens-of-millions of spoof attempts with every conceivable type of media and learned how to stop them.  Learn more: www.Liveness.com

Presentation Attack Detection tests include:
  • 2D paper photos & digital images
  • High resolution videos
  • Image swap-in after liveness check
  • Paper masks with eye & mouth cutouts
  • Hollywood masks, wax figures & lifelike dolls
  • Photos or video frames animated into avatars
  • Video projections on 3D heads
  • Sleeping users with closed eyes
  • Impostors, lookalikes & identical twins

Operating a Spoof Bounty Program since October, 2019, and passing NIST/NVLAP Lab Level 1 & 2 PAD testing with 0% FAR is proof that FaceTec is a NEW unsharable, unphishable modality that is virtually impossible to fool using today’s media technology.

Hacker Mask

Stop Spoofing

Liveness Detection & Face Authentication Software

Photo ID Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & Auto Capture

Stop Spoofing

Certified Anti-Spoofing & $100,000 Spoof Bounty Program
World’s Best 3D Face Matcher: 1/12.8M FAR @ <1% FRR


Passing the rigorous iBeta Level 1 & 2 tests results in an unsharable, unphishable biometric that is virtually impossible for criminals to recreate reliably using today’s media technology.

https://pbverify.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/180820-Face-PAD-Level-1-Letter-1.pdf https://pbverify.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/FaceTec-PAD-Level-2-Confirmation-Letter.pdf


Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

  • Demand 3D Liveness Detection backed by a Spoof/Bypass Bounty Program.  Without it, you cannot trust unsupervised users and will be put at risk by “Suprema” type biometric data breaches.  With strong 3D Liveness & 3D Matching, the data breaches of others can’t be leveraged against your users.  Whitepaper
  • Delete Liveness Data after each login and collect new Liveness Data for every new session.  This prevents biometric honeypots and allows for safe, centralized biometric storage.  See www.Liveness.com
  • Centralized 3D FaceMap storage with server-side 3D neural networks is the only way to truly replace passwords, enable cross-platform logins, simplify device upgrades, and allow multiple devices and users.
  • Only true 3D Algorithms that measure the shape of the user’s face can be unbiased to skin tone.  FaceTec trained it’s 3D Algorithms with the help of over half-a-million volunteer testers from 170+ countries.
  • Get the Acuity Research Report: Face Verification & Liveness Synonymous with Remote Onboarding

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2D VS. 3D

2D Matching will never have the accuracy needed for true Unsupervised Identity Verification & Authentication. There’s just too much variability in how the same 3D human face appears when flattened into 2D at different image capture distances. This variability creates significant overlapping similarity between the 2D features of different humans and confuses the 2D algorithms, preventing them from achieving highly accurate FARs at usable FRRs.

Apple, Google, and Intel understand this, so their 3D Face Matching systems use 3D infrared cameras, but that, of course, requires each device to include special hardware. In contrast, FaceTec securely performs 3D Matching from virtually any device with a 2D camera.







FaceTec® 3D

Vendors Aware, BioID, Daon, FacePhi, Idemia, iProov, etc. Apple Face ID, Google Pixel 4 FaceTec & > 70 Channel Partners Worldwide
Purpose Face Verification Unlock Mobile Phones 3D Face Matching
Installed Base 10+ Billion Smart Devices (Android - 85% + iOS -14% & Webcams) < 10% of in use iOS devices have Face ID, Pixel 4 will be < 1% of the market. 10+ Billion Smart Devices (Android - 85% + iOS -14% & Webcams)
Portable Biometric Varies None, re-enroll on each device Cross-Device & Cross-Platform
Technology Legacy 2D Algorithms Hardware: Infrared Camera Array & Neural Network Chip Software: Real-time Computer Vision + 100% proprietary AI
Interface Varies Glance to unlock phone 3D Video Selfie: ~2 Seconds
Racial Bias Almost all 2D Algos have significant racial bias None-Reported None exhibited in the Lab or Real World usage
SDK Info Varies No SDK possible, special hardware required Device SDKs for Android/iOS, web & Server SDK
Liveness Method Challenge/Response, Blink, Smile, Turn Head or Flashing Lights, etc. Infrared dots + neural network chip determine if user is 3D Measures 3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections, etc.
Liveness Strength Fairly Weak Fairly Strong  Very Strong
3D Depth Detection Weak Strong  Very Strong
Intellectual Property Legacy 2D Algos are too old for meaningful patents 20+ infrared related patents  acquired in 2013 5 US Patents on 3D process issued, +12 pending globally
FAR/FRR Varies, but 1/<75,000 at real world usable FRRs 1/1M - No FRR stated 1/12,800,000 FAR @ < 1% FRR
Identical Twin Differentiation Very Weak “If you have a Twin, use a PIN.” High 1:1 FAR provides Best Possible Twin Differentiation
Liveness Testing Certifications No 3rd Party Certs No 3rd Party Certs Certified Level 1 & 2 Spoof Detection by NIST/NVLAP LAB - Liveness.com
Age Estimation 2D = poor Age Estimates Not Available "Better than Human" Face-Only Anonymous Age Estimation
Match to Photo ID Low-detail & problems with aged photos = low match rates Not Available Up to 1/950,000 Match Levels with 3D:2D Matching
Password Replacement? Not secure enough, FAR too low. No, only used for convenience Yes, universal device support, highly secure & convenient
Spoof Bounty Programs? No, they are all talk. No, no motivation. Yes, $100,000 SpoofBounty.com

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